Happy 2nd Birthday to AssBodacious and all its (my) followers! 

yoswift asked:
Celebratory pic?

Quite possibly! ;)


This blog turned two yesterday! Crazy! Thank you all for your support and lovely messages during those two years 😊

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Hey all. I’ve had quite a lot of messages asking where I’ve been and when I’m back on here. I’ve been very busy with moving house and stuff so haven’t been online at all in a while. I’m still 50/50 with the blog too, so posts aren’t as frequent. Just feeling a bit ‘meh’ about it recently :/ So yeah I’m not here all the time but I am still around :)

mrcurveslover asked:
can you post better quality pictuures (more pixels)

Can you take your demands elsewhere?


(I’m a Leo)


Jayne Mansfield grocery shopping in Las Vegas, 1959 

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